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Hi folks,

some issues regarding assignment of midi chanels.
Sometimes I export my notes to my digital piano. Mostly I use more than 16 voices.
MuseScore re-assigns the 17th voice to the first midi channel. A warning would be great idea when saving the MIDI-file.
But even when I have only 16 voices, the channel 11 is always un-assigned.
My observations are basing on the music-XML file, but my yamaha clavinova piano behaves this way.

Thanks a lot for the great program and I hope you can solve the problem.



Title:Assign Midi Channels» Assign MIDI Channels
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Now I switched over to version 1.2 and the problem seems to be solved, but only when I create a new sheet from the scratch.
Is there any way to re-assign MIDI channels by a workaround on existing sheets?
I tried adding/removing of instruments, at the beginning or end.
Else I have to copy the instruments but the information for dynamic (piano/forte etc.) gets lost then.

IMHO it would make MuseScore easier to use with external MIDI devices if you could assign the MIDI channel manually. So I can add or remove staves as I like but be assured that the MIDI channels won't change suddenly.

I think, the idea to assign MIDI channels manually is a good and pragmatic idea.
Maybe it could be considered as a suitable solution.

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