Change the pitch of a tone

In MuseScore one can change the pitch of a tone with flats and sharps changing it a halfnote pitch.
Is it possible to change the pitch by a quarter or something in between?
I'm asking because I want to make som scores for Byzantine Chant and in the "scales" the pitch is often not changed by a whole or a halfnote. ....
If not possible in MuseScore it might be possible in a payware program (Sibelius etc).??

Best Regards


Hi Lars,There are microtonal

Hi Lars,

There are microtonal signs available in the accidentals palette, which may provide what you require - don't ask me how they work as they are outside my current experience.

They currently do not all play, howver, although I believe it is possible to set Fluid to play microtones by feeding it the correct MIDI scale definitions - again, don't ask me how as it is beyonf my current experience - I think there may be a plugin you can use for doing this.


Hi Michael, I have a danish

Hi Michael,

I have a danish version and I am not able to find a pallete named "Accidentals". Even though I changed the language to english my palette section is still in danish. The word accidental means something like random or "not planned" in my dictionary. However I will try the pæugin with the microtunes. Thank you for your help al the same.

BR Lars

"Accidentals" pallet contains

"Accidentals" pallet contains sharps, flats etc.

After changing the language

After changing the language you need to restart MuseScopre


Hi Lars -

Musical accidentals are "fortegn".


Now it seems to be OK. And I

Now it seems to be OK. And I will go and make a byzantine version of the microtunes.
Happy New Year to all you kind and helpful people by this MuseScore forum!!
- I might though come back before New Year with new queations :-)

Try the plugin mentioned

Try the plugin mentioned above...

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