Adjust vertical space between systems and between staffs within a system

It must be that people have ask this question before - perhaps someone could lead me to a good siscussion about it. I play in a band. In that environment, fewer page turns is always best! But MuseScore sets the spacing between systems and between staffs within a system very wide. I could put 2 - 3 times that much score on a page. I understand stretch is left and right on the page. But stretch is limited - especially if the lyrics are there also. Of greatest value to me would be vertical control of the systems and staffs within a system. I read some commentary about putting in greater verticle space by using dummy lyrics, created something lik a space on a line. That's kind of hoeky - and it goes the wrong way! Any help?


Check Style -> Edit Style ->

Check Style -> Edit Style -> Page.
You can also reduce the whole music size in Page -> Layout -> Scale


Just a bit more information. When you are on Edit Style>Page, reduce the System distance. Also, experiment a bit.


Adjusting Vertical Space

Works great! - I can use Staff Upper Border, Staff Lower border, Staff Distance and System Distance and get good results. Except that when I have it reduced as desired, it throws the first staff up into the title area. Any way to control that?

Probably you increased the

Probably you decreased the V-frame lower margin as well. Just go back and increase it again.

Also you should read and

Also you should read and understand "page threshold". Otherwise some behavior might seem unexpected:

The above are useful hints.

The above are useful hints. I do hope though that someone who really understands all this will put definitions of all the Edit Style/Page parameters (Staff Upper Border, Staff Distance, etc.) into the manual. I can't find any information on these in the current one (0.9.4). Their meaning isn't at all obvious, and I find that fooling around with them leads to more confusion than clarification.


You really should upgrade to at least the latest release version, 0.9.5, which has a lot of improvements over 0.9.4. I don't know what system you're on, but if you're willing to try a nightly, the 0.9.6 nightlies are very much improved over even 0.9.5, and are now quite stable (it's all I'm using now).

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