Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort ascending Version Replies Last updated
Every inserted staff appears as Staff 1 active 1 8 jare
VU meters of the mixer are too jittery active 4.x-dev 0 0 sekondes
Not Able to Play Back Score needs info 3.5 1 2 jare
"Save" doesn't respect user's umask in linux systems ("Save as..." works fine) active 3.0 3 4 jare
Request for Mac-specific shortcuts for text editing active 17 4 jare
This old mscz file crashes MuseScore 4 WIN, reports corrupted but open on MAC needs info 4.x-dev 6 0 sekondes
When making note in slash notation longer so that it spans over a barline, the created new tied note is not in slash notation active 3.5 2 2 jare
Time signature change deletes glissandi active 2 8 jare
Trying to Edit a Text Frame causes UI lockup needs info 4.x-dev 2 0 sekondes
Stacatissimo shortcut active 3.5 1 2 jare
Improvements for roadmap and services pages on active 3 0 sekondes
Edge of lyric with melisma doesn't align to start of notehead active 1 8 jare
Ritardandos and Accelerandos always consist of 4 evenly spaced abrupt tempo changes active 4.0 3 3 weke
Text and chord symbol styles do not update when switching to MuseJazz with "Automatically load style settings based on font" selected active 3.0 0 4 jare
Pedal line error: 1.cannot cross tuplets; 2.pedal activated without the pedal line active 1 8 jare
Palette Properties - Name active 3.6 3 0 sekondes
[Musicxml Import] - Bar number change not imported active 3.5 0 2 jare
Space bar does not work for starting playback or works incorrectly after the Play panel is opened then closed active 3.0 0 4 jare
[2.0] [linux] default page size is Letter despite locale being A4 active 8 7 jare
Track Names are not handed over to Mixer active 4.x-dev 3 0 sekondes
Request for a 'Layout & Formatting' palette active 3.5 0 2 jare
Opening issue needs info 4.x-dev 3 0 sekondes
Onscreen keyboard options (keep last played + don't show highlighted note while in playback) active 3.5 0 2 jare
transpose adds key symbols in unwanted places needs info 3.0 9 4 jare
command line option -h doesn't work (i.e. doesn't show the help page) active 3 7 jare