Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Sort descending Last updated
Can't open score if MIDI file with same filename is already open active 2.1 0 4 years
Octave transposing instrument doesn't change clef properly in part when toggling concertpitch active 2.1 0 3 years
Issues tracker: "Details" section missing active 0 3 years
Piano Roll editor QSpinBox for note pitch doesn't do anything when click up/down buttons active 2.1 0 3 years
[GP4 import] Lyrics are not imported correctly active 2.1 0 3 years
“Toggle 'MIDI Input'” button always active after start active 2.2 0 2 years
Playback cursor temporarily stalls in a volta of first repeat in score when leftmost volta omitted and played volta has trailing rest(s) active 3.4 0 1 year
Leading space: reset button inactive when multiple selections made using right-click menu active 2.1 0 2 years
Simplify and group similar feature, especially the play, mixer, synth features active 3.0 0 2 years
unclear handling for lyrics settings (Inspector vs. format/style) active 3.0 0 2 years
Include writable part names for Staves from the plug-in interface active 0 10 years
Linked measures (copy & "link-paste") active 2.3 0 2 years
Spacer: Select all similar elements within Range active P2 - Medium 3.4 0 9 months
Mark strings as non translatable in UI files when necessary active 0 9 years
Text colour of barre chord line cannot be set to match the line colour active 3.4 0 9 months
[trunk] Menu for Script debugger disabled if no score open active 0 9 years
Bar Tick 1 looks wrong when selecting from Palette active 3.0 0 2 years
Templates show odd key signature behaviour for transposing instruments active 0 9 years
Staff ID needed in Staff/Part Properties dialog active 3.4 0 7 months
Removing top instrument removes group bracket active 0 8 years
Change Follow song text to icon in Pianoroll and Drumroll Editors active 0 8 years
Playback glitches or jumps ahead on changing instrument active 3.0 0 2 years
Insert active 3.0 0 2 years
Accidental collides with beam active 0 7 years
BLUETOOTH active 3.0 0 2 years