Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
After selecting a measure, with shift held down, clicking in another measure can lose selection active 1 7 years
Multi-voice grace notes not aligned active P2 - Medium 15 3 years
Out of range note doesn't highlight when dragging element onto it active 3 8 years
Default paper size is A4 instead of letter active 17 10 months
Note in MusicXML pastes unbeamed active 2 3 years
Playback in Karaoke mode needs info 8 2 years
Midi Import with tuplet active 2 7 years
Allow "staff distance" on first page to differ from subsequent pages. active 24 2 years
Chords did not change down and up all strings in tabulatur active 3 8 years
when opening in 2.0 documents created in version 1.3, custom placement of many elements becomes wrong active 2 7 years
Add shortcut for switching between parts in a score active 4 1 year
Note head of seconds incorrectly positioned active 3 9 years
"Export Parts" should convert the filename as per the same rules as the new score wizard active 1 8 years
Adding Save As icon to toolbar active 2 8 years
Synthesizer: Hang then crash if you press "Load from score" at very beginning of session active P1 - High 13 2 years
MusicXml - full melisma <extend> implementation for exports active 5 4 years
Key / Time Signature Courtesy option (and delete) ineffective with Multimeasure Rests active 11 1 year
[Guitar Pro] Tuplet elements in part mispositioned active 1 8 years
The use of tab key to separate text - words/letters - causes problem for export PDf active 8 7 years
Cannot edit properties of all selected symbols and Fingering in 1.2 score active 1 9 years
Version for "How to.." and tutorials should be additive (like for plugins), not exclusive. active 4 10 months
The blue rectangle in the navigator should snap to page edges active 0 8 years
Percussion: stem direction of note does not obey "Edit Drumset" settings if entered via virtual piano or MIDI keyboard active 7 2 years
Inconsistent spacing of articulations active 5 7 years
measures cannot be combined or splitted, if the file already has parts active 8 2 years