Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
8vb Treble clef on TAB staff — and — TAB clef on standard staff active 3.6 4 3 months
New tempo mark in 3.6 has notehead placed too low active 3.6 7 10 months
Add mode for automatically numbering triplets active 3.6 0 7 months
MuseScore incompatible with foobar2000, crashes in foobar2000's dsd_transcoder_x64 needs info 3.6 5 10 months
Upload fault needs info 3.6 1 9 months
Playback does not work for consecutive playbacks of double-repeats. needs info 3.6 1 5 months
Unable to log on needs info 3.6 2 9 months
My musescore keeps crashing when I hit the spacebar and I've tried looking up ways to update it but there is no update window in preferences and I can't find anyway to update Musescore. Help me get it to stop crashing please! needs info 3.6 2 6 months
Make the bending effect more flexible active 3.6 2 3 weeks
After restarting program, visibility of piano keyboard is not restored active 3.6 13 9 months
[MusicXML export] Tempo beating at the whole does not export in .musicxml format PR created 3.6 4 3 months
additional flags appearing on cross-staff beams after staffs are hidden active 3.6 8 9 months
Hairpin's text offset position resets after closing and reopening file active 3.6 2 1 month
During Playback of an Individual Instrument Part of a Score, If Solo, at any time, transitions from On to Off in the Mixer for the Instrument Part, other Non-Muted Instruments in the Full Score Play for that Part when Solo is Off. active 3.6 4 6 months
Sound not playing needs info 3.6 1 3 weeks
Unexpected result when entering augmentation dot with full measure rest selected active 3.6 1 9 months
Ties not preserved when using Add Interval active 3.6 3 5 months
Shortcuts do not work always on mac. needs info 3.6 3 9 months
can't see the line marking any of the pedals needs info 3.6 2 1 month
Floating Frame active 3.6 0 6 months
hang during note entry -> caused by non-operational audio output active P3 - Low 3.6 13 2 weeks
C-Major/a-minor and atonal key signatures cause other elements, like dynamics, to move up PR created 3.6 5 9 months
Ties across key changes with accidentals are incorrect needs info 3.6 3 5 months
Selecting a fretboard diagram doesn't highlight its accompanying chord symbol active 3.6 3 9 months
Import PDF needs info 3.6 3 1 month