Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort ascending Replies Last updated
System brackets and connected barlines made a mess of when new instrument added in the middle active 0 7 years
Request for flexible search mode switcher for certain region users. active 12 1 year
Lyric margins and spacing not well-preseved importing 1.3 score active 5 8 years
Augmentation dot of grace note collides with fret mark/note active 3 8 years
[Trunk] Piano Keyboard sounds voice active 4 3 years
Improve PDF import system active 15 6 years
rearrange notes over bar lines active 4 5 years
Changing instrument names may lead to crash and empty mscz file needs info 52 7 years
Login should stay in website domain; not working with strict privacy settings needs info 7 8 years
Changes to Repeats On/Off aren't reflected in scroll bar of Play Panel active 0 9 years
[New Website] Language switch missing active 23 4 years
MIDI Keyboard Transport (Remote Control) not working active 4 12 years
Crash when adjusting pitch of a particular note active 7 7 years
Default note groups should be affected by custom time signature active 3 2 years
select file navigator active 3 9 months
Ability to create guide/lead parts (or mixing parts) active 0 7 years
Allow templates to be full scores active 4 5 years
No sound when moving chord needs info 3 2 years
[EPIC] Requires MAJOR version bump active 2 3 years
Customizeable default position for palette custom symbols active 0 10 years
Add rounded corners to ledger lines instead of straight corners active 1 7 years
Add ability for stemless notes in drum sets active 5 8 years
Bracket color insconsistant between Continuous and Page view active 0 9 years
Make howtos translatable active 1 2 years
Edit Drumset APPLY button doesn't work active 9 1 year