Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Dragging notehead places it away from cursor active 0 9 years
Delete of global time signature after local causes corruption active P1 - High 7 4 years
QML Spinner doesn't work with MuseScore custom UI style active 11 8 years
Dynamic appears in score with part's text style, and vice versa active 2 7 years
timbral suggestion (play "sul ponticello", "sul tasto", and "sord.") active 3 13 years
[Ubuntu 11.10] 'Save As' does not work active 2 9 years
Can't open old Overture files active 9 1 year
Beaming notes over barlines and line breaks active P1 - High 71 4 months
Unresponsive needs info 6 2 years
change ghost image immediately when pressing a shortcut key to change the value of a note active 1 9 years
System brackets and connected barlines made a mess of when new instrument added in the middle active 0 7 years
Wrong brace behaviour when adding only one stave of piano active 0 8 years
wrong selection with mouse from right to left active 1 8 years
Improve PDF import system active 15 7 years
Slur placement="below" not saved in MusicXML export active 2 3 years
"Reset value" button enabled for several elements even if those are using their default values active 6 4 years
Open files with missing extension active 6 3 years
Access to Harmony and fingering in plugin framework active 4 10 years
Pedal not working over repeats active 8 8 years
Seperate these content between "<" and ">" active 0 3 years
not enough space under "Staff Type" in windows classic theme active 12 9 years
Crash when adjusting pitch of a particular note active 7 7 years
Metronome defauld value not stored active 1 8 years
segfault album 1st score 4 staff w/ parts, 4 staff no parts, 3 staff no parts, 4 staff no parts. active P3 - Low 5 3 years
Preserve view mode choice active 4 8 years