Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Tuplet numbers don't use the Musical Text Font, but FreeSerif/Edwin active P1 - High 17 1 year
Changing Display -> Show {Invisible|Unprintable|Frames|Page Margins} doesn't mark score dirty active 10 10 years
During playback, view doesn't jump to topmost of the page active 0 8 years
Vertical instrument names active 2 7 years
add "Instrument techniques" to "create" menu and palletes active 2 10 years
Double-click on text of text line to edit text active 12 2 years
[Trunk] Piano Keyboard sounds voice active 4 3 years
Capo Chords below or above main chords active 9 1 year
Ambitus reacts wrongly on insert/delete measure active 3 3 years
Trills and other ornaments with sharp or flat signs active 34 4 months
[MusicXML] Not all pedal types exported correctly active 9 3 years
Add auto filter function in Mixer Sound Mapping active 1 4 years
Export midi for parts doesn't work after export to MSCZ active 0 7 years
[MusicXML] From a .gpx file, a Tab clef appears in each measure active 6 3 years
Note properties (small, head group, etc.) not linked between score and parts active 10 1 year
Dragging notehead places it away from cursor active 0 9 years
Changing staff type of 1.3 score to tablature retains treble clef active 10 3 years
String data/tuning not synced between score and parts active 7 4 years
"Follow text" able to work with a single number in the tempo text active 12 3 years
QML Spinner doesn't work with MuseScore custom UI style active 11 8 years
Issues with cross-staff beams & slurs in imported 1.3 score active 10 8 years
some template files don't define ranges for the instruments they use active 9 2 years
Mode between move accord or noteheads. active 8 6 years
Play using sound of selected staff active 2 1 year
Tie of unison note ignored on playback in 1.3 score active 1 8 years