IDE Configuration

Updated 3 months ago

    This is a work-in-progress page that attempts to describe how to set up MuseScore development with different IDEs.

    VSCode (Linux)

    There should be some config files already in .vscode.

    A popup will appear asking if you want to install the 'recommended extensions'. Install all the extensions that are recommended. For reference, these are:

    • Microsoft C/C++ tools (ms-vscode.cpptools)
    • CMake tools (vector-of-bool.cmake-tools)
    • CMake (twxs.cmake)

    You may need to restart your editor at this point.

    IntelliSense and other features (jump to definition, syntax highlighting, error checking) should now work. If you're encountering problems, message @jthistle on Telegram via the development chat.

    Microsoft Visual Studio (Windows)

    Qt Creator (Windows, Linux)

    XCode (Mac)