Letter A not working for note input in Danish keyboard. Workaround does not help either.

• jan 6, 2024 - 16:46

EDIT: I have posted this in the international forum instead including possible solution.
Letter A not working in Musescore 4 when inputting notes (european keyboard), even on
Workaround should be: go to Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts, and define a custom shortcut for “got to top staff”. That will prevent it from being triggered by the phantom keycode your keyboard is sending.
That’s already fixed for
4.2, BTW."
The issue seems to persist on my Mac, danish keybord. The cursor jumps to the "Home" menu, and if I keep pressing "a" it circles between the home, pencil, notesheet tab and top of palette.
I have tried on 2 macs, 3 different keyboards, did clean install with deletion of Musescore4-folder and library application support folder. The video below shows the problem, and also that the "a" key works as intended in other software - that is, problem must be on Musescore side, not the operating system.
Video showing the error: https://screenpal.com/watch/cZV1DEVHHVl

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