Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort descending Version Replies Last updated
invisible elements should not be grabbable, if 'hide invisible' is used active 1 7 years
ties with 2 voices don't go to optimal placement active 4.x-dev 0 3 months
[EPIC] UI/UX issues and suggestions active 3.5 11 2 years
Mixer: Patch change issue active 3.0 3 4 years
Piccolo active 4.0 3 1 month
Tuning property is rounded off to the nearest semitone active 4.x-dev 3 3 months
Crash when changing note size style property needs info 4.x-dev 1 1 year
New keyboard layout: Czech (QWERTY with French numbers) active 3.0 3 4 years
Adding a rit. to tempo marking causes pedal in piano to not play active 4.0 4 1 month
MuseScore makes the Bravura treble clef too small needs info 5 4 years
metronome 'mute' in the mixer is purely visual, but only the 'metronome' icon can toggle the mute active 4.x-dev 2 3 months
Unknown units for x/y/sx/sy in spos/mpos files active 3.5 17 2 years
Wrong Midi channels in connected parts active 3.0 12 4 years
Attempting to delete or change notes or rests causes program crash needs info 4.0 5 1 month
Add "Key Signature" to online help for key signature active 5 7 years
excessive memory consumption, jerky playback active 4.x-dev 5 3 months
Changes of "play count" parameter of a repeated mesure not displaying on the score active 3.2 3 2 years
Changes in note head group do not copy with notes active 3.0 0 4 years
Copy & Paste not always working in v4.0.1 needs info 4.0 10 1 month
Shortcut option needed for adding notes below selected one active 1 7 years
App Crashes(musescore 4 beta) when i try to reset styles on an old Musescore file from 3.6 on Musecore 4 active 1 3 months
Don't allow more than one staff type change per measure active 3.5 0 2 years
Unable to save actual change on music sheet by using the cmd +S command on mac. An error message appears that says opening of temporary folder is unavailable. Access denied needs info 3.0 1 3 years
File got corrupted active 3.6 4 1 week
MuseScore crashes when used with QjackCtl needs info 2 7 years