Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
No sound after minimizing Cubase 8 and maximizing MuseScore back active 1 2 years
[UX] how to inform users to improve sound quality active 2 9 years
Out of range note doesn't highlight when dragging element onto it active 3 7 years
just checking measure properties marks score dirty active 1 8 years
Previous casing of letters remains when overwriting file name with same characters active 4 8 years
MuseScore dock icon on Mac OS X is smaller than others active 4 7 years
command line mode should not require X server active P3 - Low 24 1 year
Rehearsal Marks active 1 6 years
Barlines in tablature too long when using the Guitar Tab template active 12 8 years
Score doesn't start playback after a certain length (including repeats) and crashes if started before and reaching that limit active 23 8 months
Add a "second time only" option (For repeats, not Volta) active 32 1 month
Toggle button for articulations active 2 10 years
[Mac El Capitan] MuseScore window won't enter menu bar space when menu bar is hidden active 0 7 years
[musicxml] [tablature] and the up-bow and down-bow tags active 2 2 years
Automatically added symbols are too low and close to the staff active 4 10 years
Handbook: Improve formatting of tables active 5 4 years
Undo Staff Type changes does not restore former state active 1 2 years
request shortcuts for individual dynamic (& other) markings active 2 2 months
shortcut "{" for Add less stress does not work in c351315 active 11 7 years
Bad layout with fermatas over barlines & linked parts active 0 7 years
Inaccurate zoom level when restoring previous session active 3 10 years
MIDI input only working if PortAudio is selected as output active 3 9 years
Changing zoom from combobox doesn't update the blue rectangle in navigator active 22 8 years
Tooltip doesn't appear in main window when it looses focus active 1 9 years
Cannot use a decimal dot or vulgar fractures like ½ for time signatures active 3 8 months