Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Insert key change should (optionally?) add double bar automatically active 4 9 years
Split chord across staves in cross-staff notation active P2 - Medium 29 5 months
Dynamics not saved for staff other than top if system flag set active 13 2 years
Allow upload/attachment of .workspace files active P2 - Medium 1 10 months
Disallow pasting notes to a stave not matching the pitched/unpitched property active 6 2 years
grace note after collides with grace note before next note active 2 7 years
Vertical position of fermata is different on note and rest active 1 7 years
Applying palette line to multi-voice staff displays only Voice 1 anchor positions active 0 7 years
Nightly c513dd7: inserting measures after timesig change active 2 9 years
Add menu mnemonic - File / &Export, etc active 6 6 years
Terrible Glissandos needs info P3 - Low 3 3 years
Mixer settings are saved in file but score not dirty when settings changes active 4 3 years
Translated text for "Join Scores" doesn't fit button in Album dialog active 2 3 years
Slur beginning on last note of system appears not to extent active 5 10 years
Import or detect encoding of text from MIDI active 5 8 months
Add default shortcuts for intervals below active P2 - Medium 10 1 year
Forum threads: Automatic creation of new pages? active 3 5 years
Shortcut for Synthesizer interferes with text entry active 7 3 years
[GP6] Grace notes are not imported active 1 6 years
TopStaff anchor for articulations/ornaments does not honor notes and beams outside staff active 0 11 years
Embedded score from not playing correctly on Facebook needs info 8 7 years
MusicXml does not set the proper font when importing from MusicXml active 5 2 years
Clean up null values active 1 2 years
No plug-in manual from Plugin Creator under Linux (Mint?) needs info 4 6 years
Highlighted region in the navigator does not update when resizing the main window. active 1 9 years