Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Sort descending Last updated
Palette item not showing on score, until refresh. needs info 2.1 11 4 Jahren
not launching after the splashscreen needs info 3.0 11 3 Jahren
Items not syncing between score and parts needs info 3.3 11 7 Monaten
Shifted musescore notes needs info 3.5 11 ein Jahr
Incorrect display of workspaces after installing MDL active P1 - High 3.0 11 2 Jahren
[Musicxml Export] - Customized instrument change not exported active 3.4 11 2 Monaten
[EPIC] UI/UX issues and suggestions active 3.5 11 ein Jahr
note added to wrong staff if entering note input mode after selecting element attached to invisible staff active P2 - Medium 11 3 Jahren
single piano stave with bass clef turns to treble after property edit active 11 2 Jahren
[Musicxml Export] - Single slash in figured bass not exported active 3.6 11 ein Jahr
Corrupting measures needs info 3.0 11 2 Jahren
Some notes randomly jumping to top octave when input needs info 3.0 11 ein Jahr
Resource Manager not showing any options when opened needs info 3.2 11 2 Jahren
Some rectangles are drawn above some notes with mscore devel active 11 7 Jahren
Request to make it harder to accidentally creat extended ties active 2.1 11 6 Jahren
Note/rest too close to start of mid-system measure with time signature active 3.2 11 2 Jahren
Extra whitespace around flat symbol in chords when using custom fonts active 3.0 11 2 Jahren
Tuplets do not move with arrow keys when selected active 3.3 11 2 Jahren
Printing umlauts from FreeSerif or FreeSans doesn't work with certain printers active 2.1 11 4 Jahren
Voltas collide with elements above the staff if top staff is hidden (due to being empty) active 3.0 11 9 Monaten
Pop up window to try to improve score too large for screen needs info 3.6 11 ein Jahr
Crash when entering music on top of an unterminated slur by MIDI PR created P1 - High 11 9 Monaten
[EPIC] Braille friendly musicxml export active 3.0 11 2 Jahren
Some bracketed instruments presented as single staff still have brackets active 11 8 Jahren
Bends: make prebend optional so that down bends can be notated active 3.0 11 7 Monaten