Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Aufsteigend sortieren Version Replies Last updated
Selection rectangle encompasses full measure if voice 1 is empty and other voice only partially selected active 10 8 Jahren
MuseScore Installer does not work if Installer is stored in the cloud active 3.5 3 2 Jahren
Can't Export to PDF needs info 3.0 1 4 Jahren
No login in Ubuntu SW active 3.2 1 3 Monaten
Instrument name gone when switching order of staves with "Hide empty staves" enabled active 15 3 Jahren
"Orchestral" and "Brass Ensemble" missing Euphonium and baritone-horns active 3.6 7 ein Jahr
can't open previous version files active 3.0 2 4 Jahren
When the mixer panel is undocked from the main window, while the sheet is playing, it causes the music to lag active 4.0 1 3 Monaten
request for a way to change the balance of a particular sound font, when mixing them active 1 8 Jahren
[Flatpak] Apply new style button vanishes as soon Leland or Edwin is selected active 3.6 4 2 Jahren
D1, D#1 and Db1 needs info 3.0 5 4 Jahren
Double augmentation dots are too close together active 3.2 3 3 Jahren
Caesuras broken & unusable in playback GitHub issue 4.0 2 3 Monaten
[MusicXML import (DOM and PULL parsers)] Wrong import of InstrumentChange elements active 4 3 Jahren
No sound or playback. Problems with adding notes. needs info 3.6 4 2 Jahren
Add menu of tours to view when desired active 3.0 4 4 Jahren
Add Part Name element to instrument definitions in instruments.xml active 3.2 3 2 Jahren
Count-in feature is missing in Musescore 4 GitHub issue 4.0 4 3 Monaten
[GP] A file containing a part with a Capo indication is not played properly. active 1 7 Jahren
Bad naming of category "Chord"/"Note" in the Inspector active 6 2 Jahren
Tempo pallet unresponsive active 3.0 8 4 Jahren
MDL Playback Isn't Working needs info 3.2 5 3 Jahren
Sychronisation of articulations and line properties between Score and Drums-Part needs info 6 7 Jahren
Workaround for triangle in chord symbols to automatically imply 7 active 3.6 18 einem Monat
3.0 is a mess needs info 3.0 6 4 Jahren