Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Aufsteigend sortieren Version Replies Last updated
The program doesn't connect to my computer keyboard. active 3.3 1 2 Jahren
Custom shortcuts not working active 3.4 5 2 Jahren
Provision of some means to adjust the number of bars counted in active 7 2 Jahren
Sound is not working needs info 3.6 1 ein Jahr
An option to select a beat other than crotchet in the New Score window when setting the tempo. active 3.4 2 2 Jahren
Bracket positioning differs between full score and part active 1 8 Jahren
No next or accept option needs info 3.6 2 ein Jahr
Delete option in Measure context and Edit menus is confusing since it does not delete the measure active 3.4 4 2 Jahren
Problems with Measure lines, keys, clefs, and time signatures needs info 3.0 4 3 Jahren
Embedded markup in instrument long and short name after importing MuseScore 1.3 mscx file active 4 2 Jahren
Missing piano track in MP3 export needs info 3.6 12 ein Jahr
Regroup Rhythms doesn't work when measure starts with tuplet segment active 3.4 0 2 Jahren
Rests not rewritten when pasting into new time signature active 1 8 Jahren
Request for flexible search mode switcher for certain region users. active 12 ein Jahr
First Parts are quiet and not responding to dynamics. active 3.4 8 2 Jahren
Invisible text not shown when copied in continuous view needs info 3.0 5 3 Jahren
The continuous panel flashes a few times when it's first displayed active 1 8 Jahren
4x-dev: program is losing user preferences when closed active 4.x-dev 1 10 Monaten
Repositioning virtual instruments on Zerberus (SFZs) or Fluid (SoundFonts) makes MuseScore reload them into memory active 3.4 0 2 Jahren
[MusicXML] Partial slash chord active 10 8 Jahren
Crashes needs info 3.6 1 10 Monaten
Missing midi notes needs info 3.4 1 2 Jahren
Feature Request: New button in pagesettings.ui PR created 3.0 1 3 Jahren
wavy lines don't draw diagonal, regardless of the setting of "allow diagonal" active 8 7 Jahren
[MusicXML import] prevent font-size=0 active 3.6 2 9 Monaten