Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Aufsteigend sortieren Version Replies Last updated
Unable to save synth settings in two scores in the same session active 11 3 Jahren
Wolf in Schafspelz needs info 3.4 1 2 Jahren
[trunk] copy SVG graphics added to a palette to a 'safe place' active 1 11 Jahren
Volume and Tempo Controls in the menu bar active 3.5 1 ein Jahr
Crescendo/diminuendo hairpins not affecting repeated midi notes generated using tremolo active 2.3 7 4 Jahren
Issues with the latest upgrade needs info 3.5 4 ein Jahr
Playback should be able to select voices, not just instruments active 2.1 7 6 Jahren
Tremolos with custom style appear to be default when opening score active 3.5 5 ein Jahr
Section Break duration wrongly extends pedal sustain on piano active 2.3 0 3 Jahren
entries in Articulations panel in Palettes window do not have mouse-hover help popup needs info 3.5 2 ein Jahr
Colour of mouse cursor doesn't change after selecting another voice to enter drum notes active 2 ein Jahr
Ornaments should be able to attach to individual note of a chord active 3.5 0 ein Jahr
F9 palette screen and Blank Home Screen needs info 3.5 9 ein Jahr
Rests between beamed notes don't relocate active 1 9 Jahren
Grace notes palette: "Scale" doesn't work (Palette properties…) active 3.5 1 ein Jahr
Repeats don't work needs info 3.5 2 ein Jahr
Preference for Start Up dialogue active 1 10 Jahren
Voltas alignment thrown off by errant multiple voltas active 3.5 1 ein Jahr
Full Measure Copy and Paste may crash IF there is another section in different key / time signature needs info 3.5 7 ein Jahr
Adjacent notes appear on the same side of stem when adding another active 10 7 Jahren
First note after a repetition is skipped on second repetition when the note is linked with other from previous measure active 3.5 1 ein Jahr
Random crashing, possible connected to ASIO/MME needs info 3.6 20 ein Jahr
Chord articulation editor not working active 14 8 Jahren
Add system breaks: allow option in dialog to keep existing section breaks active 3.6 1 ein Jahr
Playback not working needs info 3.6 1 ein Jahr