Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort descending Version Replies Last updated
[EPIC] MuseScore General (HQ) Soundfont issues active 3.4 0 2 Jahren
Tuplet bracket initial drawn too low on page in parts if no title frame in score active 0 8 Jahren
Lyric verse numbers don't align when syllable starts with punctuation active 3.6 0 11 Monaten
Plugin API: annotations in MusicXML file have blank text active 3.4 1 2 Jahren
Musescore 3 won't open needs info 3.0 2 4 Jahren
New instrument: Positive Organ active 2 5 Monaten
Double bar on the left of a measurement active 3.6 5 10 Monaten
The inspector is too slow to respond when clicking the title of a score. needs info 4.x-dev 4 ein Jahr
Dotted Grace note and Glissando marking issue active 3.0 2 2 Jahren
Tablature rests at incorrect vertical position needs info 6 7 Jahren
[MusicXML Export] Mid-measure key signature not exported active 3.6 2 9 Monaten
start up screen large icon and no access needs info 3.x-dev 4 2 Jahren
Entering Marcato in score (via Shift+O) doesn't propagate to linked part needs info 3.0 3 4 Jahren
Line breaks and name changes of columns in MIDI Import Panel active 0 8 Jahren
Pop-up menus open in the wrong place. active 4.x-dev 1 8 Monaten
End of score pause (fermata) crash active 3.4 7 2 Jahren
3.0.1 crashes when the start centre pops up needs info 3.0 6 4 Jahren
Musescore VST Plugin needs info 11 7 Jahren
[MusicXML] Doesn't show chord symbols when open XML file GitHub issue 4.x-dev 10 2 Monaten
Inserting vertical frames at another frame in score don't add to parts active 3.4 12 2 Jahren
Saving score causes issues needs info 3.0 1 4 Jahren
MuseJazz - adjactent note & dot symbols render as squares active 5 7 Jahren
[API]Creation of folders within the FileIO objects active 3.6 0 6 Monaten
Improve discoverability of hide/show instrument in Timeline active 3.4 0 2 Jahren
GABC TO XML TO MSCZ active 3.0 4 ein Jahr