Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
MuseScore Preferences Reset on Launch needs info 3.6 4 ein Jahr
Append measures dialog: cursor does not almost move to text box on Windows active 3.6 4 ein Jahr
unintended swing rhythm in eighth note pattern needs info 3.6 2 3 Monaten
Incorrect key signature after toggling concert pitch on staff with instrument and transposition change at start active 3.6 3 ein Jahr
two urgent updates needs info 3.6 2 ein Jahr
Joining measures that include a time signature leaves a time signature that can't be deleted. active 3.6 1 ein Jahr
Mouse cursor's note icon does not change until I move the cursor. active 3.6 1 9 Monaten
Cannot hear music I wrote needs info 3.6 1 7 Monaten
Incompatible paste operations cause score to jump to beginning active 3.6 0 ein Jahr
Glissando down won't play with arpeggio active 3.6 3 7 Monaten
Top right panel (Toggle, Play button, Repeat, Rewind, etc. to the tempo button) does not work needs info 3.6 2 ein Jahr
MusicXML import of beams in anacrusis (pickup) measures ignores last beam active 3.6 1 ein Jahr
[Musicxml Export] - Unable to export sub-beam divisions in irregular beaming active 3.6 2 ein Jahr
crash in pasteChordRest when tick2measure returns null active 3.6 9 ein Jahr
Complete stop working when I try to use my MIDI keyboard needs info 3.6 2 ein Jahr
Re-pitching single notes to chords with MIDI keyboard doesn't work for notes that are tied. active 3.6 0 9 Monaten
Won't Open needs info 3.6 2 6 Monaten
Banjo Tab: setting fret numbers higher than 24 is broken active 3.6 1 ein Jahr
Upload fault needs info 3.6 1 ein Jahr
Include controls for switching Views in the View menu active 3.6 1 ein Jahr
All Laptop Sound is static after Musescore is opened active 3.6 2 ein Jahr
Time signature note grouping not included in templates active 3.6 3 ein Jahr
Half duration shortcut crashes musescore when time signature is 5/4 PR created 3.6 13 5 Monaten
Playback Function Crashes needs info 3.6 4 11 Monaten
PortAudio unavailable on Windows 10 64bit active 3.6 1 9 Monaten