Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Aufsteigend sortieren Replies Last updated
Unable to insert chords of correct duration using plugin framework active P2 - Medium 1 3 Jahren
Note not displayed during drag on tablature staves active 2 7 Jahren
Need hyphen functionality in phonetic keyboards active 0 9 Jahren
change articulation anchor for ["Fade In/Out", "Swell", "Wiggle Sawtooth/Vibrato"] from CHORD to TOP_STAFF active P1 - High 6 3 Jahren
Adding system-flag to text does not affect linked parts (or move text to top staff in score) active P1 - High 19 3 Jahren
Undo reset doesn't restore beam position active 2 2 Jahren
Rests not rewritten when pasting into new time signature active 1 7 Jahren
Duplicate 100% entry in Zoom box active 4 10 Jahren
Drag trail with dynamics starting with "f" active 7 7 Jahren
Different footer and header between needs info 2 einem Monat
More bend notations active 16 8 Jahren
[New site] Issue Tracker: Priority, Category etc. need to be set to default values active 1 4 Jahren
some EmmentalerText and GonvilleText symbols (e.g. quarter rest) render too low when mixed with 'normal' text (like FreeSerif) active 4 6 Jahren
Two staves, one hidden—barline shown at beginning of each line active 18 2 Wochen
Show Time Signature on part causes crash active 8 7 Jahren
Add temple blocks instrument active 25 2 Jahren
Cross-staff notes ignore accidentals active P2 - Medium 10 2 Jahren
Staff style is not propagating from full score to parts and cannot be created in Staff Styles dialogue active 1 8 Jahren
OMR doesn't work active 15 6 Jahren
"R" key doesn't work when repeating a triplet created in Voices 2, 3, and 4. active 0 7 Jahren
Automatically-generated melisma lines active 17 7 Monaten
Note entry sometimes chooses wrong octave active 5 ein Jahr
midi playback issue (chorus/reverb) still happens in Musescore 2.0 beta needs info 7 7 Jahren
MIDI import: Crash when changing to swing active P2 - Medium 6 2 Jahren
Error in moving multiple dynamics marks active 7 6 Jahren