Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Reorder Text Styles active 1 5 Jahren
MuseScore with MDL has long startup active 8 8 Monaten
Default Chord Articulations active 1 8 Jahren
Controls in Staff Text Properties non-intuitive active 0 6 Jahren
Expose font substitution to user active 0 7 Jahren
userLen1 in arpeggio not available in the inspector active 2 6 Monaten
Backward compatibility for scores to fix previous bar count bug involving anacrusis active 2 8 Jahren
Frame stops Upwards staff spacer from working active 2 5 Jahren
Font appears ragged after decreasing scaling active 7 6 Jahren
invisible elements should not be grabbable, if 'hide invisible' is used active 1 5 Jahren
Automatic Repeats Detection with Custom Endings active 30 7 Monaten
Grace note flag cut off by fret masking active 0 5 Jahren
Acciaccatura after note active P2 - Medium 8 6 Monaten
The plugin framework should avoid the use of the same object in different score active 1 10 Jahren
Multi-select in Instruments PR created 7 ein Jahr
[Trunk] Script Debugger interface is messed active 0 9 Jahren
[MusicXML] Tempo marking with decimal not handled correctly active 1 6 Monaten
[MusicXML import] empty lyrics lines (was: crash if too many lyrics) active P2 - Medium 8 6 Monaten
Key / Time Signature Courtesy option (and delete) ineffective with Multimeasure Rests active 10 5 Jahren
Preference for Start Up dialogue active 1 8 Jahren
Segno Variation ("Serpent") should be on barline, not above active 14 ein Jahr
Access to Scoreview and Repeats list with plugins active P3 - Low 6 5 Monaten
Request option to shorten stems for downstem notes with flags (using alternate flag) active 18 4 Jahren
Note head of seconds incorrectly positioned active 3 6 Jahren
[Capella import] Triplets active 16 5 Monaten