Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated Aufsteigend sortieren
Redirect to the English version if no localized help topic is available active 0 7 Jahren
Movement of line (Crescendo) markings from main to part layout needs info 2 7 Jahren
[MusicXML] support capo element active 1 7 Jahren
Add capo support to tablature staff active 10 7 Jahren
Embedded score from not playing correctly on Facebook needs info 8 7 Jahren
Edit Style Dialog for Tuplets unclear active 3 7 Jahren
Move "Measure Numbers" options from Style>General>Header, Footer, Numbers to Style>General>Measure active 0 7 Jahren
Playback Mixer: soling & unsoloing a second instrument makes it sound endlessly active 0 7 Jahren
grace note after collides with grace note before next note active 2 7 Jahren
Actions for accidentals are not searchable in Preferences -> Shortcuts active 1 7 Jahren
Oddities in the Open Recent file dialog active 1 7 Jahren
Presenting score corruptions active 2 7 Jahren
new option for multimesure rest active 5 7 Jahren
[2.0] [linux] default page size is Letter despite locale being A4 active 8 7 Jahren
[2.0] chord name collision with tempo active 1 7 Jahren
Integrate Parnassus font in MuseScore active 3 7 Jahren
Note anchored textline displays twice by overlap in linked staves active 6 7 Jahren
Instrument name gets wrong position and a line is missing during note entry when "Hide empty stave" is enabled active 1 7 Jahren
MuseScore Freezes When Opening A File active 3 7 Jahren
[Gnome] No Close Button on Some Dialogs active 6 7 Jahren
Lyric elision using slur marks active 3 7 Jahren
Time signature change read incorrectly in corrupt 1.3 score active 5 7 Jahren
Exported FLAC not recognized by Nero 10 active 1 7 Jahren
Allow for 'noninteractive' reading of scores active 0 7 Jahren
Layout/Page settings Window active 9 7 Jahren