Issues for MuseScore

Title Aufsteigend sortieren Status Priority Version Replies Last updated
Empty rhythm flags above the line for Tab needs info 9 7 Jahren
Empty drag bar does not work needs info 3.3 3 3 Jahren
Empty chord symbols causes crash active 3.6 6 9 Monaten
Empty bars don't hide in online version active 3.6 3 ein Jahr
Empty bars and a corrupted file after trying to Explode active 3.4 1 2 Jahren
empty "pages" in handbook revision listing active 2 3 Jahren
Embedded score from not playing correctly on Facebook needs info 8 7 Jahren
Embedded markup in instrument long and short name after importing MuseScore 1.3 mscx file active 4 3 Jahren
Elongated beamed grace note stems active 7 2 Jahren
Elements with extremely large manual adjustments should have autoplace disabled on import active 3.3 20 3 Jahren
Elements not always drawn correctly active 0 9 Jahren
Elements in MIDI converted from .SPC don't appear active 2.1 3 6 Jahren
Elements improperly positioned when changing tablature line amount active 1 9 Jahren
Element Mover active 2.2 2 4 Jahren
Element being dragged from palette is in different relative positions active P1 - High 3.0 3 4 Jahren
Element (dynamics hairpin) misplaced in piano part extraction active 3 8 Jahren
Effects not working. active 4.x-dev 1 2 Monaten
Edwin: typographic apostrophe not accessible via shortcut on Windows active 3.6 20 2 Jahren
Edits to voice 2 in one bar can add a rest in the next bar. active 3.4 4 2 Jahren
Edits to stem direction in drum set don't affect existing notes unless they are explicitly reset active 3.6 5 ein Jahr
Edits cause other elements to visually move in the score active 3.5 5 2 Jahren
Editing text line causes inspector to jump if Inspector requires horizontal scrollbars active 3.5 10 2 Jahren
Editing text in measure number doesn't work active 3.x-dev 11 3 Jahren
Editing Scores macOS -musescore-39501b5 Losing keychange after placement even after saved. needs info P0 - Critical 3.0 1 4 Jahren
Editing parts with linked staffs and multiple instruments crashes Musescore and corrupts the MSCZ file. active 3.5 4 ein Jahr