Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Sort ascending Last updated
Deleting a "long" char from text messed up the text active 0 6 years
[Mac El Capitan] MuseScore window won't enter menu bar space when menu bar is hidden active 0 6 years
Convert some windows to QDockWidget active 0 5 years
Crash immediately after restore loses file paths active 0 5 years
Vertical Frame Margin Setting Changes Having No Effect in Format/Style/Page active 3.2 0 2 years
be able to close all popup windows when running musescore without window manager active 0 5 years
Focus should return to score after right click any element active 0 5 years
Autoselection in "Staff Text Properties" active 3.2 0 2 years
Put some hierarchical dividers in the "platform" selection in the developer profile editor active 3.0 0 5 years
Clefs duplicated after horizontal frame in imported 2.x file active 3.2 0 2 years
Changing preferences drops "Page View" dropdown to the default value active P2 - Medium 3.2 0 2 years
QML DynamicsRange exposure broken active 2.1 0 5 years
Measure number at beginning of system should stay within margins active 2.1 0 5 years
Save as shows confusion when the old file name is opened active 3.2 0 2 years
<controller> tags get written to score even if using defaults active 3.2 0 2 years
Keysig dialog in New Score Wizzard needs to be made accessible to the visually impaired active 2.1 0 4 years
Weird zap/beep sound sounds during playback active 3.2 0 2 years
"Add Frame Text" shortcut/command does nothing active 3.2 0 1 year
Deleting "Advanced edited" workspace overwrites "Basic edited" workspace active P1 - High 3.x-dev 0 1 year
System Text in middle of a bar needs to break MMRests at the start and end of that measure for all parts, so can display text. active 2.1 0 4 years
Request for improving the search mode of instrument selector active 3.3 0 1 year
[MusicXML import] allow numbers greater than MAX_NUMBER_LEVEL active 3.3 0 1 year
Missing symbols in Special Characters > Unicode symbols? active 2.1 0 4 years
Geiger Counter Noise In Playback active 2.1 0 4 years
Lyrics mode: text toolbar flickers when moving between syllables active 3.3 0 1 year