Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort descending Version Replies Last updated
Prevent Master Palette from going behind main window (like Mixer, Special Characters, or undocked palettes) active 2 6 years
problem to change tuning strings in Tab needs info 3.0 19 3 years
some GP7 drumset sound are missing in the playback active 3.x-dev 0 2 years
Tablature converted to standard staff in imported MS 2.0 score active 3.2 0 3 years
measures cannot be combined or splitted, if the file already has parts active 8 2 years
Beyer_-_No.44.mscz needs info 3.1 3 3 years
Redesign of playback panel and screen workspace active 3.0 31 5 years
Renders all texts with the same (fallback?) font on a particular system needs info 3.2 15 3 years
On MacOS, shortcuts will be disabled if pressed when using non-roman-alphabet-based IME (input method editor). active 3.5 1 4 months
Include some batch operations with spacers active 3.2 1 3 years
Bar separators are not always spanning across instrument groups needs info 3.2 2 3 years
[MusicXML import] lyrics with duplicate numbers are not imported active 3.5 0 2 years
In Lyrics mode, Symbols input stuck Navigation active 3.0 3 1 year
First note of system and incoming tie misplaced for C major key signatures active 3 6 years
Resource Manager not showing any options when opened needs info 3.2 11 2 years
Remove invalid "Add intervals" commands in tablature active 3.5 1 2 years
Page Settings: screwed up page overview if "Vertically" for "Scroll Pages" is activated (MuseScore 3.2.3–3.3RC) active 3.2 1 2 years
Playback won't work on Ubuntu needs info 3.3 2 2 years
Request for a "Section Text" element active 3.5 1 2 years
MSCX format: Better syntax for dynamics active 3.x-dev 3 2 years
Improve keyboard assignment for marching basses active 2.2 3 3 years
Keyboard usage needs info 3.3 1 2 years
Notes should sound starting at cursor location for playback active 3.5 1 1 year
when i open up musescore all i can hear is musescore, youtube shuts down and any other audio doesnt play active 3.3 1 2 years
'Lock-Score' Tool active 3.0 24 5 years