Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort ascending Version Replies Last updated
Playback of slurred notes active 20 1 year
Freeze file name during use active 10 3 years
[Ubuntu] mouse immediately enters, stays in clicked state on launch active 3.6 2 2 years
Wrong file open dialog if LC_ALL is set to de_DE active 2 12 years
"How to" not displaying uploaded files even when "DISPLAY" is ticked on edit page active 0 5 years
volume of some intruments gets lower all of a sudden needs info 3.6 1 2 years
Incorrect handling between time signatures and BPM active 3.x-dev 10 4 years
Let parenthesis encompass also accidentals of noteheads upon utilizing shortcut active 3.2 0 4 years
Move Up / Move Down buttons in Zerberus synth window to change the order of the loaded sfzs. PR created 2.3 6 5 years
Changing 8va or similar to 15va in inspector panel changes appearance but not playback pitch active 3.6 1 2 years
[MusicXML export] [trunk] export errors high order tuplets active 4 3 years
Unable to write lyrics to for tunes that move between clefs active 3.2 12 4 years
Unable to save synth settings in two scores in the same session active 11 4 years
Musescore freezes after update needs info 3.6 3 2 years
Provide Scholarly Notation Support active 2 11 years
[macOS] Hover tooltip is cut off active 3.2 20 2 years
Text line disappears if corrupt file by a local time signature active 2.3 10 5 years
Can't put my laptop to sleep without a crash. active 3.6 4 1 year
[MusicXML export] Lyrics do not handle flat and sharp signs needs info 13 3 years
Palettes doesn't work at all needs info 3.3 2 4 years
[EPIC] Single page view related issues active 3.0 1 4 years
Prebend line on top TAB string is incomplete active 3.6 0 2 years
When pasting range with moved line, line position is wrong active 1 9 years
Suggestion: Do not ask to save changes when closing a blank score active 3.3 2 4 years
Unresponsive windows needs info 3.6 3 2 years