Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort descending Version Replies Last updated
Investigate using Arianna's Violin SoundFont for MuseScore_General needs info 2.3 3 3 years
Some icons in Shortcuts difficult to see active 1 9 years
Unable to produce special time signatures active 3.6 1 8 months
Add music symbol font for OMR active 3.0 5 3 years
Improved Concert Pitch mode active 2.1 23 3 years
String data/tuning not synced between score and parts active 7 2 years
[MusicXML export] invalid XML export: direction-type is missing child element needs info 3.2 3 2 months
[MusicXML] support capo element active 1 6 years
The playback feature is broken. needs info 3.6 5 4 weeks
(Lack of) Hairpin/Dynamic Independence active 3.2 2 2 years
MuseScore forums: close a thread after three month active 5 8 years
Internal z-order: element types below staff lines, changed since v2.1 active 3.6 5 8 months
Include some batch operations with spacers active 3.2 1 2 years
Stave text entered into parts appears on the main score active 8 7 years
Side-by-side and stacked views should indicate when the divider is dragged out of sight active 3.6 0 7 months
Allow Bluetooth-, other Sound- and MIDI-devices to be turned on after MuseScore loads active 6 2 months
bug of display needs info 3.2 1 2 years
Concert Pitch switching does not preserve key spelling if the transposition crosses between sharp and flat keys active 2.1 17 4 years
[Ubuntu] mouse immediately enters, stays in clicked state on launch active 3.6 2 7 months
Adding a tag property for the measure object needs info 1 2 years
Hairpin text active 3.2 2 2 weeks
Add a button "apply" in the text propertie dialog box to view result when change style. active 0 8 years
Auto transposition not working? needs info 3.6 2 6 months
Staves in 'Create time signature' dialogue are badly laid out PR created 3.3 4 1 year
Count-in only effective if rewinding without stopping active 0 7 years