Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Notes too close when crossing staves active P2 - Medium 5 3 years
MusicXML export: left-hand side repeat sign is included in the previous measure width active 2 2 years
Request for Mac-specific shortcuts for text editing active 17 4 years
[Trunk] Allow more space for 'Files of type' box in Export active 6 10 years
Footer text collected from MusicXML credit words shows added syntax from in MuseScore 2.0 active 1 6 years
Edge of lyric with melisma doesn't align to start of notehead active 1 7 years
Instrument Sound changes every time another score is opened active 4 7 years
Number brackets in .ove files cannot be rendered promptly when playback active 0 8 years
Operating System active 0 10 years
Cannot enter unison notes via mouse active 0 8 years
Sychronisation of articulations and line properties between Score and Drums-Part needs info 6 7 years
Drum Palette shortcut letters active 7 2 years
Reduce ambiguity in marching snare drum notation active 5 2 years
when replacing pitches without changing rhythms, unable to enter chord on tied note active 5 1 year
Colour of mouse cursor doesn't change after selecting another voice to enter drum notes active 2 2 years
spacing clash with ledger lines and rehearsal letters outline active 2 6 years
Issues adding local time sig to score with parts active P1 - High 9 3 years
BIAB Song Import MG1 MG2 ..MGA MGB MGC... active 1 2 years
& not recognized in staff names (short or long) active 5 8 years
Navigator x close button active 0 9 years
OMR doesn't work active 15 6 years
Don't eliminate layout elements upon some cases of time signature change active 19 8 months
Toggle mmRest, position view not repositionned to last measure selected active 0 7 years
[MuseScore 2.0][Plugin Development] Text coloring via qml does not seem to work active 4 7 years
[trunk] [branch 1.2] Need to clean up use of exeptions (throw) active P3 - Low 5 2 years