Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort ascending Replies Last updated
Stems length of beamed notes change with layout active 2 6 years
Brackets and braces should nest active 3 2 years
Adding system-flag to text does not affect linked parts (or move text to top staff in score) active P1 - High 19 3 years
extra notes heard with some sf3 sound fonts PR created 14 1 year
Shortcut for Synthesizer interferes with text entry active 7 2 years
show/hide staves using the mixer active 5 8 years
Pedal line error: 1.cannot cross tuplets; 2.pedal activated without the pedal line active 1 7 years
[EPIC] ALBUMS issues active 1 2 years
Clarify template titles for "Liturgical" and "Closed Score" active 7 7 years
changing lyrics text styles's vertical alignment does not affect lyrics dash and melisma underscore active 1 1 month
Score doesn't start playback after a certain length (including repeats) and crashes if started before and reaching that limit active 23 2 months
Certain operations add to undo stack and thus break redo active 1 2 years
Stack alterations for complex jazz chords active 0 10 years
Handbook: button text changes color on mouse over active 1 2 years
Export Midi Chords From Text Chord active 1 7 years
"Hide instrument name if there is only 1 instrument" doesn't work if there is only one visible instrument but others exist active 9 6 years
Version Numbers plugin Issues search in German active 1 10 years
Drum palette does not follow note changes active 0 8 years
Sandbox MuseScore on Mac OSX active 0 7 years
Objects of Lines remain after cut active 1 7 years
printed album looks different from PDF export active 1 2 years
MuseScore Online File Plays An Extra Count-in Beat (Hidden Note)? needs info 0 2 years
changing clef in notes that have moved staves active 1 6 years
[trunk] hard to select slur or tie active 17 6 years
text style dialog does not change octave markings font size active 0 7 years