Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Problems with iOS Songbook interface not following system language active 5 5 years
Time signature change read incorrectly in corrupt 1.3 score active 5 6 years
Need to change reverb/chorus in Mixer after changing soundfont active 3 9 years
Create accidentals active 0 5 years
Non-ASCII characters in style name not handled correctly active 7 6 years
AIFF export active 3 8 years
Integrate Parnassus font in MuseScore active 3 6 years
Minor issue with end barlines not superseding existing barlines on measure delete active 2 6 years
Incomplete demo Adeste Fideles active 1 2 years
Adding text item from palette should automatically be placed in Edit mode active 3 7 years
certain notes of 5 tome tenor marching toms won't play active 1 2 years
lyrics: syllables sometimes too narrow active 23 5 years
Make bend playback voice-specific active 4 2 years
[2.0] chord name collision with tempo active 1 6 years
Cautionary key signature on jump active 0 10 years
[MacOSX] When running from command line in batch mode, switches screen away from terminal active 1 5 years
Toggle button for articulations active 2 8 years
Note in MusicXML pastes unbeamed active 2 1 year
Dragging drum notes produces red bar rests active 0 9 years
Default to pitch below note in voice 1 when adding note in voice 2 active 3 6 years
Command realtime-advance not valid in current state needs info 6 9 months
Certain elements don't reposition after changing Line Distance active 1 8 years
Barlines in tablature too long when using the Guitar Tab template active 12 6 years
MIDI export: the first track should not contain note events PR created P2 - Medium 98 1 week
Dynamics not saved for staff other than top if system flag set active 13 1 year