Is it possible to download music on here without paying money?

• Mar 13, 2020 - 01:52

Anytime I try and download a piece of music it always forces me to upgrade my account to a pro account I don't know if there is some way to get out of that screen to download it or I have to pay money to download it, and then print it.


You ask:
Is it possible to download music on here without paying money?

This forum here is (Check the address in your web browser.)
Any file attached to a post here can be downloaded without paying money.
For example:
Happy Birthday.mscz
(You never know what to expect here, as caters to the free MuseScore editor software (i.e., the desktop - not mobile - app).

There also exists another website -
Have a look here for an explanation of the difference:

On -- original and public domain (PD) scores are available for download free of charge.
Here's a PD example:
On -- music protected by copyright is downloadable by obtaining a paid Pro subscription.
More info.:……

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Then contact
I've just visited that link without being logged in (using a private browsing window). Clicking the download button opens a popup with file formats to choose from.
I clicked on "MuseScore mscz" and was asked to log in or create a free account. Logging in with my free account ( immediately started the download. No questions about Pro being asked.

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