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• Jul 23, 2021 - 11:13

I have foolishly downloaded and installed MuseScore3 and now all my previous score settings are over-written by what you think is best. This is particularly annoying with the text fonts. I like MuseJazz and all my scores use that font but now I have put up with some other crap and spend ages converting it back to what I want if I want to reprint it. How can I open my old scores in my preferred settings?

Why is it that software designers always mess things up when they think they are making improvements?


MuseScore 3 does not overwrite anything, an installed version of MuseScore 2 (and MuseScore1) stay in parallel!
If you don't like what MuseScore 3 does to your MuseScore 2 scores, continue to use MuseScore 2, but miss out on the millions of improvments and bug fixes.
Or continue to use MuseScore 2 for those old scores and use MuseWScore 3 for all new ones.
Or gradually 'import' those 2.x scores into 3.x.

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MuseScore tries to help you by popping up a dialog when you open a MS 2.x score and earlier MS 3.x scores in MS 3.6.2. You have to tell MuseScore explicitly not to use the new notation font and new text font. And more important, you have to choose Keep old style:

Upgrade Questions - popup dialog.png

But I do advise you gradually to start using MS 3.6.2, because it offers so many advantages over MS 2.3.2 (which I used to enjoy). MS 3.6.2 really does improve productivity, because it uses intelligent collision avoidance. And MS 3.6.2 also looks more professional because of the new fonts, improved slurs and so on.

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As noted, MuseScore only changes to the new font if you explicitly tell it to in the dialog that appears when you open an older score. My guess is you must have chosen yes at some point and also chosen to not see the dialog again, or you'd not be seeing a problem, since you'd realize you have the choice. To reset that decision and start showing the dialog again, go to Edit / Preferences / Imports and enable the option again.

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