Incredibly small icons - how to fix??

• Jul 29, 2021 - 17:40

I'm currently working on a score that I've been working on for about a week, and today I was working on it, but my MuseScore layout looked really weird- the icons were very small, Both the icons for the upper bar, and the icons for ornaments, articulations, etc. in the palette seemed too small. I figured I would just restore default settings, but that just made things even worse! Now the icons are EVEN SMALLER! And I can barely view anything in the palette..... can someone please tell me how to increase the sizes of these?


P.S. It does seem to have completely reset the MuseScore application too... I had to spend time adding in soundfonts I already had, since it reset the synthesizer too... but these '"factory settings" have really teeny, tiny icons that make the app simply unusable

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Thank so much! That had a "run" properties option that worked PERFECTLY! However, it made the bars at the top a bit too large now. I'm assuming I should probably search the forum for that too, but what do you call them?? The first one has the save, new file, print option etc. The one below it has the note lengths, that one button for rests, and the tool for accidentals. What in God's name are these called?? Here's a picture highlighting what I mean.

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First, try viewing the default empty score (or any new score created with default page size) in Page view at 100% zoom to verify the page is the same size on your screen as a real piece of paper of that size. Assuming so, then you've got the right settings for the application in general. if not, then you might need to keep experimenting.

If the page is the proper size and literally only the toolbar icons are off, go to Edit / Preferences / General and change the icon size.

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