[SOLVED] How to add "fractional numbers" in the Chord Functions (Lyrics)?

• Oct 22, 2021 - 18:39

Hello, everyone! Currently, I'm having Harmony classes, and we see some chords and inversions, some of them use two numbers (like the inversions of V7, which are V5-6, V3-4 and V2-4)

For the excercises, we have to write the functions of the chords, and I don't know how to put the two numbers one on top of the other like in the image below, so I would like some help.

How to write V56.png
(I did that by adding two Lyrics together, but the two textboxes are really unstable with each other and tend to separate, so I need a more "stable" solution. Also, the numbers are done in Sub-index to make them smaller than the V letter)

I know there are some fractions in the Unicode, but they appear diagonally and have the fraction line, so those aren't that useful to me, if someone knows a better way to add chord functions to the Score, I'd be really grateful!


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