Piano legato

• Aug 21, 2015 - 03:59

I recognize that MuseScore is notation software, however is there any way that on playback a piano can play a smooth legato line as opposed to the always detached quality I get regardless of the markings I place in the score.


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I tried to be a pianist, time ago, but... virtuosity wasn't for me. Hahahahaha!!!

Any way, it's so hard to get a good "legato" with mechanical keyboards (piano, etc). The piano natural way to produce the sound is against the "legato" idea.

Of course, it is possible in the real world (virtuous pianists), and it is very easy with MIDI sequencers (even, maybe, too much perfect).

BUT... I can't get it from the MuseScore piano roll. I guess it is something related with the soundfont files, or the MuseScore synthesizer, itself.

Real world MIDI sequencer has an special MIDI value to control this. Up my limited knowledge, MuseScore doesn't use that value.

That's life!!!

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