Updated Retrograde?

• Jun 26, 2017 - 05:46

For those who used the retrograde plugin of 2011, it is now not available to the most recent updates of must score. Are there any plugins that can do retrograde for the newer updates of musecore?


Wrote a little plugin that in my opinion does what the old one did :-).
You'll find the plugin below. Copy it to your plugin directory or open plugin creator and copy the contents.
This plugin was written with Musescore BETA version. So it will probably not work on older versions.

Take care it still does not support tuplets and therefor will shift notes whenever it encounters a tuplet. The reason it does is that the duration of a tuplet note equals it 's real value and not 1/3).
I did not found any information on how to handle tuplets in a plugin. It will demand a lot of effort to figure out how to handle them.

When saving the new score it will give an error failed: Bad file descriptor. Use save as instead!

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