• Apr 19, 2019 - 10:25

I have wishes/suggestions for an extension of the drum notation:
Inserting the possibility to enter a manual sentence instead of indirectly (this is how I currently do it) via the system text - input in a continuous line with the possibility to note a new line with a different manual sentence below it.
Inserting ups and downs to show the flow.
Would be very nice - but probably only interesting for drummers?


Could you explain what you mean by "manual sentence"? Maybe you mean sticking information? This can be entered easily using staff text by hitting Alt+Right after each to move to the next note. Or us the Fingering facility, where you can use Space as well. If you mean something else, maybe attaching an example would help us understand better.

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Sorry, of course you are right, I mean the sticking information, didn't have the right word ready.
Thank you very much for your information. The fingering facility doesn't work under the drum notation at least for me; I've done it with the staff text before, but unfortunately it doesn't jump to the next note (neither alt-right nor space). So far I have to call each note individually to enter it.
I've attached a file to show how I've done it up to now, but with a bit of a hassle. I would like to add ups and downs as well.

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Looks like that's the sort of thing done well with lyrics - did you try that?

You could also use Staff Text, and the Alt+Right shortcut to move from note to note (do it while editing the text, not after leaving edit mode), and set the default placement for staff text to below. You can use fingering as well, but you'd have to set it to below individually - the default placement is determined by the staff position (first in instrument is above, second is below). Still, you could enter them all normally, then hit "X" to flip then all below at once. Lots of ways to get the job done, really.

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