Can’t change time signature

• Jul 16, 2019 - 04:35

I’m writing a piece with a lot of tuplets and the section I just finished was in 6/4. The problem is now when I try to change it to 4/4 it says “tuplets can not cross bar lines”. There are tuplets in the section I’m changing. I’m not sure what the problem might be but it’s stopping me from writing my next section. Any ideas would be appreciated


As the message says, tuplets can't cross bar lines. Apparently the change you are trying to make would result in that happening, so you'll have to think through how to rewrite the music in a way this doesn't happen. If you attach your score and describe what your thinking is behind the rhythms, people will be able to advise better.

You may try to select the measures that will be affected by the time change cut them, change the time signature then paste them. MuseScore sometimes says tuplets can't cross a barline when you change time signatures when this will not actually happen.

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I suspect you are correct, but I'd like the OP to test this and see if his issue is resolved. If there are 4 beat tuplets, it should still fail, if there are only max 2 beat tuplets that only start on beats 1,3 & 5 then it should work.

My real question is "Should it work?" If so, then there's room for improvement.

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