Unambigious directions to install on chromebook

• Jul 17, 2019 - 17:04

I have an acer chromebook spin 11 and spent a lot of time trying to get musescore installed with no luck. I would say I am computer literate. There are many directions with many links, also in the manual of musescore. I would like directions on one source, without links, without developer mode, etc. Starting with activating linux on chromebook, the needed updates and then line by line the downloads needed (OK, a link there would be fine). I tried the appimage, which sounded simple, but it only shows the playback version of musescore. Please help me to kill my MAC! A lot of people would appreciate this. Linux on the chromebook is a pain in the neck, while it is so perfect in may other ways!


Hmm, I can't tell you the exact steps because I don't have a Chromebook that can do Linux apps, but I can tell you if you to the part about getting the AppImage, you were good up to there. When you mention "the playback version of musescore" I can only guess you somehow did not in fact add the AppImage but actualy the Android app. So, I'd step back to that part. Did you successfully download the AppImage file? Are you in a terminal window? If so, I think your next steps are "chmod +x filename" (whatever the actual filename you donwload is) and them you can run MuseScore by cicking or double-clicking that file in your file browser.

I can also say that I hear more people talking about using Flatpak than AppImage on Chromebooks, so maybe try that instead if you can't get the AppImage to work

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Can you describe what went wrong? You have the file, you ran chmod - there was an error printed to the terminal? No error then, but when you activated the file in your browser, you got an error that the file wasn't executable? Or activating the file brought up an app you perceived to be for playback only? Again, I can't give you foolproof steps, but I can surely try to help guide you through the process.

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Just curious, but without any helpful further idea, as far as I can see from an internet research, with chromebook OS version 69 (and above?), it should run Linux apps by default (and native), if I understand it correct. Maybe ask also there inside a forum and by success report it here to improve the instructions for using MuseScore on a chromebook.

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Yes, I read that too: "it should run Linux apps by default ..." What could go wrong? It is not that simple. I really wish it was. If it sounds too good to be true it generally is. I use an Mac only for musescore. I would like so much to get rid of it. But then I need Musescore to run on my chromebook without too many complications.

Isn't it interesting, but not very encouraging, that no one with successfully installing musescore on a chromebook reacted yet?

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That's kind of an interesting situation, because if you look at all computers worldwide, it might seem small, but if you look at the US only, and the education market specifically, I think you might be shocked at how high it is (Chromebooks dominate with well over half of all devices, even when counting iOS). But, Linux apps in general have only been widely supported for less than a year, and audio apps for only a few months.

Anyhow, I do expect we'll start to see more Chromebook expertise accumulate here. I may have to go out and get myself a more recent one myself (mine is on the list of devices that cannot support it due to limitations in its hardware).

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