Eighth notes in pairs

• Jan 13, 2018 - 01:21

Brand new to musescore but find it pretty user friendly so far. How do you make eighth notes appear in pairs instead of groups of four. I clicked on the eighth note and it showed up on the score in groups of four. How do I change that? Surely there is an option for making the eighths in groupings of 2 or 4. Thank you!


There doesn't appear to be any easy way to do it. I've been trying for months and been unsuccessful. Having 4 eighth notes in a row either allows for them to be separated or all locked together. Sometime I can get it to work by selecting two eighth notes and separating them, then using the AUTO feature to separate them into pairs of eighth notes. But it only works sometimes.

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  • Drag a time signature from the time signature palette (the default ones have beaming you will expect to see). This assures the time signature has not been edited to change the beaming.

If beaming is not restored do the following

  • Press ctrl+a
  • open the beam properties palette and double click the word auto

Beams will now follow the time signature.

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