Last updated 2013-01-08

Current Projects

How to Contribute

If you want to help us design or just give us some design-related feedback, subscribe to our mailing list and drop us a note. If you're shy or don't know what to write, just send an e-mail saying "I want to get involved".

We're always looking for volunteers, so please lend a hand -- no design skills necessary.

How to Design

Before you start designing something, you should get acquainted with our design principles and our branding .

Once you've done that, look at the "Current Projects" section above and see if there's anything you're interested in. If so, read through our workflow to get a feel for how we work.

Design using Inkscape or another open-source vector editor. Save your work as an SVG. Bitmap editors are not allowed unless you're tweaking photos.

When designing, the icon set might come in handy.

How to Publish

Upload your design to DeviantArt as an SVG and include a PNG preview. If DeviantArt doesn't allow you to post an SVG, at least upload the PNG and put a link to the SVG in its description. Add your design to the #musescore-design group .

The graphics you submit must be published under a Creative Commons license that allows modifications. CC0 works in all situations. By submitting a graphic, you guarantee that all the parts of your graphic are either your own original work or legally reproduced work of others.

If your design falls under the scope of a current project, put it under its Proposals section. If it doesn't, put it on the sandbox . Add your design as a 120px-wide thumbnail linking to its DeviantArt page.

Any questions?

If you have a question or just want to introduce yourself, don't hesitate to write to the mailing list or talk to us on our weekly irc chat .