Release notes for MuseScore 1.2

MuseScore 1.2 was released March 14, 2012.

The focus of MuseScore 1.2 is stability, by reducing bugs. Only a very limited set of new features have been added. Translations and the handbooks have been updated. Estonian and Belarusian have been added.
MuseScore Connect has been updated.

New Features

  • New demo score: Reunion by Marc Sabatella
  • MuseJazz now includes diacritical characters (Thanks to Marc Sabatella and Jorg K)
  • Jazz Combo and Band templates by Marc Sabatella
  • Save absolute position of element in addition to "offset" for better upward compatibility with 2.0 version
  • UK Brass Band & Salvation Army Brass band templates
  • New drumset file for French drum notation (#14340)
  • Ability to move lyrics with left and right arrows
  • Internationalization of the plugin ("Save Online") and translation to French, German and Spanish

Supported platforms

On Mac, MuseScore 1.2 is released in binary form only for Mac OS X 10.6+ running an Intel processor.

Bug fixes


  • fix #11479: playback swing of quarter notes on counter beat
  • default reverb/chorus to minimum
  • fix #10331: In playback, note(s) do not stop when they should (repeat & note offtime)


  • fix #15147: Style Page Nums "show first" not checked, 1st page > 1: 1st page number still shown (mi)
  • fix default style of Frame Text
  • fix #7017: german chordnames (H / Bb)


  • Extract voltas correctly
  • fix #15059: save a newly created part doesn't remove the asterisk
  • fix #13357: Creating part causes crash (key sig corruption)
  • fix #12322: Exported parts close on command without a warning

User Interface

  • remove subbeam button
  • add Frame Text to Vertical Frame
  • use English note name in Edit Drumset dialog
  • change default drumset folder to "templates" dir
  • fix slur properties dialog title
  • translation of "staff properties" on instrument name
  • fix #15228: add perfect octave up and down
  • fix #15132: Create new score and quit/reopen presents incorrect dialog
  • fix #14648: Disallow copy of part of tuplets
  • fix #14992: Inserting measures corrupts score with tuplets
  • fix #3482: pasting after copy/cut creates note with wrong duration
  • fix #14409: Crash on copying tuplets
  • fix #14272: Add 'Can't open" dialog for unknown filetype
  • fix #14076: Add link in dialog for more recent file
  • fix #14036: Background Wallpaper Distortion
  • fix #13478: Zoom during playback using shortcuts
  • fix #13364: Score tabs disappear
  • fix #12161: Changing time signature should change autobeam properties
  • fix #12084: Crash when running transpose with title selected
  • fix translation of context menu on keysig
  • fix #15283: Paste and undo causes crash
  • fix #15460: Note Names without score causes crash
  • fix #15461: Remove Notes without score causes crash
  • fix #15458: Break Every X Measures without score causes crash
  • fix #15457: Undo Insert Measure after changing clef causes crash


  • fix #15123: Measure rest should be shown as breve if measure >= 4/2
  • fix #14917: Wrong bracket in nested tuplet
  • fix #14973: Transparent and truly vectorial embedded SVG
  • fix #14429: Articulations / ornaments in small staves are not small
  • fix #14420: Measures long 2/1 or more not cleared to measure rest
  • add two more chord names: sus#4 & Maj7b13
  • fix #10552: no more crash on undo, dynamic created
  • Incomplete fix #12966: Measure insert corrupts key changes
  • fix #5433: Staff with one line and repeat bars are not aligned
  • fix #4157: regression : Natural after a tie across barline
  • fix #1395: Accidental after a tied note
  • fix #12085: Enharmonics not preserved when toggling concert pitch in part > 1 octave
  • fix #12218: shaped noteheads aren't shared
  • fix #12419: Ledger lines are still visible for invisible notes
  • fix #11926: Pedal marking created in 1.0 are displayed incorrectly in MuseScore 1.1
  • fix #4893: Non-removable courtesy clef appears after insert measure before first one
  • fix #14648: disallow copy of partial tuplets


  • export MIDI with relative tempo set in Play Panel
  • fix pedal ending in MIDI export #12642
  • fix #13107: bww import: missing bagpipe doublings
  • fix crash on MIDI import for some files
  • fix #14064: crash on Capella import for some files
  • fix #7352: basic Triplet support for Capella import

Packaging and updates

  • add "Create desktop shortcut" option in Windows installer
  • reduce auto update check period

MusicXML import and export

  • reworked MusicXML voice mapper
  • add dynamic and note velocity support in MusicXML export/import
  • fix #11927: Export duplicate chordnames
  • fix #15129: Empty measures are not imported
  • fix #11675: Crash opening MusicXML from Finale
  • fix #12276: Sub-optimal handling of different duration measures on import
  • fix #12394: Chordnames are not exported for grand staff
  • fix #12382: Key Signature for 2 Staves
  • fix crash reading MusicXML file with different key signatures on the first and second staffs
  • add MusicXML testfile for issue #12382 ("Key Signature for 2 Staves")
  • fix #13183: Wrong import of right barline
  • add testfile for #13860: Support lyrics exported by Sibelius 7
  • fix #13782: Errors in Import and Crash after closing
  • fix #5947: Slurs is not well placed with grace note
  • fix #12445: Import can produce empty voice 1: set (automativally) generated rests to invisible
  • fix #12349: Wrong placed slurs after importing a MusicXML file
  • fix #12445: Import can produce empty voice 1
  • fix "variable set but not used" warnings in importxml.cpp
  • fix #11221: Don't set "Break multi measure rest" when importing from MusicXML
  • fix #13860: support lyrics exported by Sibelius 7
  • updated MusicXML testfiles: added sound dynamics="..."
  • fix #14088: Problem importing triplets from XML if tuplet element is missing
  • fix #14160: Problem importing tuplets from XML in a multi-voice context
  • fix #14118: Import of tuplets containing chords is incorrect
  • fix #14692: import error: 41g-PartNoId.xml causes crash
  • fix #14693: import error: 41h-TooManyParts.xml causes crash
  • fix #14828: import error: 46a-Barlines.xml: unexpected multi-measure rests
  • fix #14834: import error: 45e-Repeats-Nested-Alternatives.xml: repeat start missing
  • fix #14827: import error: 32a-Notations.xml: missing notations
  • fix #14862: Export notations imported by issue #14827
  • fix #14819: import error: 01f-Pitches-ParenthesizedMicrotoneAccidentals.xml imports without microtone accidentals
  • fix #14818: import error: 01e-Pitches-ParenthesizedAccidentals.xml imports without double flat in parentheses
  • fix #14832: import error: 41d-StaffGroups-Nested.xml: part-group symbol=line not supported
  • fix #14804: Bad pitch and alter exported for cross staff note
  • fix #14418: Voltas lost when importing MusicXML
  • fix #14701: Key signature is not exported from a mscz saved with 1.1
  • fix #14244: Export of trill line fails
  • fix #14825: import error: 31a-Directions.xml missing dashes and bracket
  • fix #15002: Export/import of uneven tuplets (16th, eighth, eighth, 16th)
  • fix #15033: Handle tuplet property "number"
  • support parentheses attribute for accidentals (preferred as of MusicXML 1.1)
  • import export volume and pan for each instrument
  • minimal support of page relative text on first page in import and export
  • fix #14590: import errors 23a-Tuplets.xml
  • fix #14451: import errors 02a-Rests-Durations.xml
  • fix #15325: Notes are interpreted as rests, wrong lengths, strange results
  • don't import tempo 0 as tempo text


  • fix #6649: Transposition when creating a score from a template
  • fix: Offset for offtime not saved
  • changes to tuplet handling to allow reading of corrupted files (#13350)

Plugin Framework

  • fix #13301: add score.close() to plugin framework
  • add score.version and score.fileVersion
  • add ability to test for no current score