MuseScore 1.1 is available for download

• Jul 27, 2011 - 19:20

What’s new

The main focus for version 1.1 has been on making MuseScore even more stable and reliable. More than 60 bugs have fixed. But if this isn’t enough to entice you to upgrade to MuseScore 1.1, then you might want to check out two fantastic new features. First, MuseScore has been greatly improved for making jazz lead sheets. Second, MuseScore is now connected with the community. It brings you the latest news, tips and tricks, and also sheet music for you to download directly into MuseScore.

Lead sheets

MuseScore 1.1 includes several new and enhanced features for working with lead sheets and other jazz charts. These include:

  • New “Jazz Lead Sheet” template for great looking results right out of the box
  • Enhanced MuseJazz font for use in titles and other text elements as well as in chord symbols
  • Chord symbols can now be entered on beats that do not contain notes, allowing multiple chords to be entered in bars containing only a single note or rest
  • Tab / Shift-Tab key during chord entry moves to next / previous measure
  • New chord symbol style options, including triangle for major and circle with a slash for half-diminished
  • New “Slash Notation Styles” plug-in available for download

Two extensive tutorials (basic & advanced) can help you master the art of making great lead sheets.

Making lead sheets with MuseScore 1.1

MuseScore Connect

If you carefully looked at the screen shot above, you might have spotted MuseScore Connect already at the right side. MuseScore Connect will bring you sheet music shared by MuseScore users on, the latest news coming from Twitter, and video tutorials to get started with MuseScore. This is all coming from the growing MuseScore community.

MuseScore Connect tabs

What’s next

Two months from now, the MuseScore trunk will go into a feature freeze. This means that the development team will stop adding features and start working on stability and progressing toward the release of MuseScore 2.0. This release will mark a huge milestone for MuseScore, as it will appeal even more to both amateur and professional musicians.

MuseScore 2.0 will support tablature notation for fretted instruments such as guitar and lute, as well as import of Guitar Pro files. There will be linked parts for ensemble music, which automatically synchronize notes between the full score and the extracted parts while editing. There is much more, and it will all be logged in the scrapbook in the coming months.

Follow MuseScore on Twitter or Facebook to stay on top of the future developments!


Thanks for the new release! Pleased to see the jazz lead sheet improvements, I was trying to do one of these just the other day and getting a bit stuck. Looking forward to trying again with the new version.

In reply to by tedthetrumpet

Soon I will post a note with a more detailed explanation of the lead sheet / jazz improvements for the benefit of people who already knew their way around 1.0, to heklp them take advantage of the improvements. But check out the tutorials referenced in the announcement above. I totally rewrote these for 1.1, and they should be all you need to get going.

Thank you very much, the new features are great! I like Connect.

If you would turn this announcement into a Page like the 1.0 one, we could translate it ;-)

I downloaded it. There's a few problems:

1. The window is bigger than the screen and I can only adjust it vertically.

2. Every time I exit the program, it forgets to load the interface (button located at the top right of the screen), itself not tweakable.

Factory reset doesn't make a difference.

Using MacBook 13" - Mac 10.6.8.

I was wondering if it was planned for Musescore 2.0 to be able to color the tablature notation in the colors defined in the "Color Notes" script (for example). I would really like this feature for one!



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