MuseScore 1.2 is released

We are proud to present MuseScore 1.2, our best and most stable release to date. In the past 8 months, MuseScore 1.1 has been downloaded nearly one million times in more than 200 countries! It’s a tremendous testimonial how a niche open source software project driven by a passionate group of musicians and software developers is affecting musicians' lives all over the world.

MuseScore 1.2 screenshot

Download MuseScore 1.2

What’s new

MuseScore 1.2 includes nearly 100 bug fixes, mainly in MusicXML import and export, notation, user interface, playback, styling and parts. With the much improved MusicXML support, you can now reliably import your sheet music collection from Sibelius or Finale into MuseScore.

A lot of effort went again into localizing MuseScore 1.2. The MuseJazz font has been extended tremendously for international alphabets. There are new translations for Estonian and Belarusian, and updates for the other 43 translations.

We also said goodbye to Moussorgsky’s Picture of an Exhibition, which has served us well as the MuseScore demo score for many years now. We found a worthy replacement in Marc Sabatella’s Reunion, which was composed specifically for MuseScore.

Last but not least, MuseScore Connect – which was introduced in version 1.1 – has been completely rebuilt. You can now search for sheet music shared by the community on as well as search through your own collection and open scores directly into MuseScore. But this is just the start. From now on, MuseScore Connect will improve independently from the MuseScore releases.

Read more about 1.2 in the release notes.

The road to MuseScore 2.0

Version 1.2 was the last release in the 1.x series. From today on, we shift our focus entirely to MuseScore 2.0, and if you have a peek at the roadmap, you will understand that this release will be huge! To make this release rock, MuseScore and its developer team will need your help.

As the code contributor community of MuseScore is growing, we want a better way for developers to collaborate. We follow the move many other open source projects have made over the past years, by transferring the MuseScore code repository from SVN to GIT. So if you are building MuseScore, contributing patches or committing code, make sure you have read Nicolas’ post on the GIT migration.

If you are not into coding, but you rather like to help testing the newest features, the right place to start is the roadmap. Major new features such as linked parts, tablature, fret diagrams, figured bass, scroll view, repitch mode, custom palettes, quarter tone accidentals, more flexible time signatures, and more powerful text styling, will need serious testing. Your feedback is very welcome in the Technology Preview forum. Precise bug reports can be directly posted in the issue tracker.

In parallel with the feature testing, two more initiatives will need support: automated regression testing and the 2.0 handbook. More information on this will be posted as soon as GIT migration is finished.

Follow & support

Stay updated on all the MuseScore news via Facebook, Twitter, or the newsletter. If you would like to support MuseScore, you can always make a donation so we can grow the server that hosts the site along with the growing MuseScore community. But above all, you can help MuseScore most by spreading the word and sharing MuseScore with your friends and family!

Now let's celebrate this release and listen to the new MuseScore demo song.


WTG guys :)

Will be installing that shortly.

I will need to check that there need be no changes in my latest video tutorial on Frames text & Line Breaks

@ChurchOrganist: there is now an additional 'Frame Text' entry in the context menu of a vertical frame

Thanks for the info.

In that case I may have to rework the end of the video, or maybe produce an addendum regarding changes in 1.2

I'd like to add my congratulations.

WOW, I like this new demo song!

Thank you for the compliment on the demo! I wrote it specifically to try to show off as many MuseScore features as I could while still coming off as musical.

Great! Well done, and I can't wait to try it out!

Good luck with 2.0, and I hope you outshine the proprietary competition!

MuseScore 1.2 is now available via the openSUSE BuildService for openSUSE 12.1, 11.4 and other versions.

Please download from

MuseScore is simply the best! Congratulations to the development team. And all the best to the users of MuseScore with this great update.


I would like to download the latest release. But when I click on I get the version 1.1 of MuseScore. I cleared the Browser cache, but I always get the old version.
How can I get the latest version 1.2?


Hey Harper, I can't reproduce this problem. For me, the link always redirects to
So give that one a try

Interesting indeed! What did you do to get the changing sounds?

Btw, 1.2 does a better job of playback than 1.1 on this in that the pedal markings are interpreted correctly. Really, I would normally play this with some use of pedal throughtout, but with lots of pedal changes. I find the pedal marks visually distracting though, and somewhat out of character, as I think of pedal as beng at the discretion of the performer

I just used the new piano sound font I created a few months ago. The sound font gives quite different sounds for notes with different dynamics. This example was done with MS 1.1.

Just to complete the example, here is the tune in 1.2:

Does anybody have a deb build?

Yup, see [1]

They're in the usual place at [2]
(and I hope to get them included in the relevant distributions ASAP)

Thanks very much once again, Toby.

It is, of course, my pleasure.

Is the decision absolute that 1.2 is the last of the 1.x branch releases and all effort is to now be focused on 2.0? If enough serious bugs are still found in 1.x, and 2.0 is getting delayed due to unforseen issues, isn't there still the possibility of a 1.3 intermediate release?

Full speed ahead to 2.0!

Can't wait to try it out!
Oh, and great demo piece, too.

Finally, MuseScore Portable 1.2 is available (#).

Thank you Bart! Great work again! I added the link in the 1.2 announcement. Tweet & Facebook update coming soon.

Don't forget to update your How to. I guess I would break your links again. ;)

Wish that there was an RPM of this for me to try :'(

there are opensuse ones.
I don’t know if opensure rpm works for mandpriva

I'm on fedora and they don't have fedora RMPs

MuseScore 1.2 is available for Fedora see, down at the bottom of that page

Sadly, I'll have to wait for the new version, as I'm still running a Mac Pro 10.5 with PowerPC processor.
Sadly too, I haven't been able to import the .xml files a friend sent me.
This will be the one thing that motivates me to upgrade my Mac.
MuseScore is the best, even the old version!

I am very gratefull, and I congratulate the workers of Musescore I find so easy

It's hard to download for me (musician but not very clever in computer)

Sorry, but what is difficult about hitting the big green button in the top right corner of this page?

Hi amel,

We have download & installation instructions available at

Please come back to us if you are stuck at a certain point in the instructions.
Could you then also share with us what type of computer you have: Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS X, ...

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