Lyric are not saved to Music XML format

• Apr 10, 2011 - 08:49

Operating system: Windows xp, windows 7
MuseScore version: 1.0 rev 3996
I imported a music xml file, exported from finale, added lyrics in hebrew and latin, saved the file in .mscz format.
Reloaded the .mscz file - everything shows ok, including the lyrics.
I saved the scores as music xml, no error reported, but when I reloaded the .xml file, all the lyrics disappeared.
I checked the .xml file, but no lyrics were saved.

How can I save to music xml with the lyrics?


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Interesting. MuseScore exports lyrics to MusicXML only when they are attached to voice 1. If you select one of the note with lyrics above you will see that it turns green, so it's on voice 2
I selected a couple of measures, and I went to edit -> Exchange voice 1-2 and then export to MusicXML and it works.

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I received the xml from Germany with Greek and latin lyric nodes. I removed the nodes with a few lines of code I wrote, checked the result, and imported it to the MuseScore program.
Attached are the 2 Finale xml files (source with lyrics, and the result without).
The finale version is 2009 for macintosh (that's the info I received).

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