[1.0] In playback, note(s) do not stop when they should

• Apr 20, 2011 - 13:13
S4 - Minor

This is similar but not exactly equal to this issue and it might be related with it. An important difference is that this issue can be consistently reproduced.

Context: Ver. 1.0, both release version and SVN rev. 4208, under Windows XP.


1) Open the attached sample score
2) Make sure the "Play repeats" toggle is ON
3) Play the score back

Result: after the repeat, some notes hold on, without stopping when they should. Some are held somewhat longer, some are held to the end of the piece.


1) In the sample score, notes with red heads have Offtime set to "user" and some negative value (the value itself is not relevant)

2) The issue shows up if TWO conditions apply: a) there is some repeat being played back, b) some notes in or after the repeat have some user offtime set. EITHER turn off "Play repeats" OR remove the user offtimes from the red notes and everything is played back correctly.

3) It may be observed that, in the conditions for the issue to show up, the note with the green head (second note of measure 3) is played back with some user offtime (but none is set); actually it is played with the user offtime of the second red note.

It looks like the playback is following the repeat to choose the note to play, but it is going straight on (without repeat) to collect the data for those notes; when it runs out of data, but there are still notes to play, troubles may arise.

4) It might be relevant or not, but selecting user offtime under "Note Properties" for any note (which does not have any user offtime set) in or after the repeat, a default value of 1000 (the max available) is proposed; while for notes before the repeat, a default value of -1 (the default) is proposed.


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Same effect recognized in Musescore 1.1 on WIN XP Home.
I was really stuck. Didn't know to get User offtimes when importing MIDI.
Removing the user offtimes did help. Thank you for the investigation !!!

I've had this problem, too. I thought it was a thing in the MuseScore editor (1.1 rev 4611) on my laptop and how it did the playback. But as you point out, it has to do with user offtime for the notes. So when I saved my tune online and checked in a browser how it played back, same thing happened there. After the first repeat occures, everything sounds pedal down.
I use lots of techniques for note inputting. Other software, importing midi files etc. I don't even remember how I originally created this tune, but I imported it to MuseScore as a midi file. It's a piano tune, so I had to do it twice to get left hand and right hand correct.
Anyway, to correct the playback, I selected all bars by clicking first bar, then shift-clicking last bar (ctrl-a won't do, because it selects too much stuff and the note heads don't get blue). Then right-clicking on one note I got to set the note properties and changed the offtime offset type to Auto.

Here's the tune with everything getting messy after the first repeat:

And this is the corrected file: