[1.0] Eighth note looks like quarter note

• May 15, 2011 - 03:48
S5 - Suggestion

Anyone know why the eighth note in voice 2 after beat 2 looks like a quarter note? It's an easy fix with the beam properties palette, but I think the default looked like this.


Please give steps to reproduce the behavior starting from a new score.

What version of MuseScore were you using to create the score? What operating system?


I am using Musescore version 1 revision 3996 on Windows XP SP2.

The attached file is an attempt at showing the step by step process to get the weird eighth note that looks like a quarter. Basically it's a lot of messing around with the note beam properties. Also, if you try switching the eighth rest before the eighth note to an eighth note, and then decide to replace that note with a rest, Musescore will crash.

I hopefully fixed the reported crash in the 1.X branch r 4297.

Regarding the first reported bug. I found a much easier way to reproduce.

  1. Create a blank score
  2. Add a eighth rest and a eight note on voice 1 measure 1 beat 1
  3. Exit note entry and select the first eighth rest
  4. In the beam palette, double click start of beam
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