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• May 22, 2011 - 20:37

In instrument, you get the choice to make a stave visible, or otherwise. However, I just wondered:

Has there ever been a score, in which one multi-stave instrument (organ/piano) has points where it's multi-stave, and other times, it's a single stave (the latter taking advantage of space, if it's only one that's being used)?


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With MS 1.0, I believe you have to create such scores using two separate instruments for the piano if you want this effect, as Hide Empty Staves doesn't work for split staves. That is, it won't hide just one staff of the part. this is probably expected behavior for scores, but not for the piano part itself parts, and not for lead sheets.

I don't have an example I've done that way in MuseScore, but I did verify it worked for my lead sheet tutorial. I can make an example if you need it, but here is a PDF created with Finale to show you how it looks. It's the piano part to an octet arrangement.

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